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Music therapy can be particularly beneficial in helping seniors improve their memory and cognitive skills. Music has been shown not only to produce a positive reaction when you hear music that reminds you of your past, but it can also conjure special memories and stimulate responses in seniors with dementia. The Foundation is composed of a group of inspirational musicians and skillful artists. They not only have earned their reputation through their many active years in the local arts but also bring rich and important cultural competency to the South Florida community.

Music for the Soul

Every month, Algo Nuevo produces live events at different venues with an array of diverse talent, all over the age of 50. The main objective is to keep Latin folklore alive and Algo Nuevo does so by providing programming and live performances to the local senior community as well as the residential living buildings, community centers, medical facilities, and retirement homes in South Florida.

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Each One, Teach One

The phrase Each One, Teach One is an African proverb that originated during slavery when Africans were denied education. When someone learned a skill or trade, it became their responsibility to teach someone else. This program spreads knowledge for the betterment of the community. Our mission is to spread the knowledge of music and the arts to the younger generation, despite economic resources. Algo Nuevo has helped students reach their potential through the power of making music and performing.


Rescued Artists

Is a termed coined by founder Marisel Lopez. As a proud Cuban American who immigrated to this country for a better life, Marisel always valued Algo Nuevo as a real rescue mission, not just for Cuba’s musical legacy, but for the people who have the same vision of preserving their own traditions. She has worked with many other creatives who were no longer considered or respected in their craft because of their age; despite having merit, knowledge and experience in the arts. And just how she didn’t let her dream die down despite her age, she wanted to do the same for others. Algo Nuevo welcomes anyone who has a desire to develop their creativity in front of a welcoming audience, despite age, color, sexual orientation or creed. Thankfully, over 50 trained musicians and artists have become a part of Algo Nuevo’s legacy.


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